All Things Beef

Day I: Supplemental Resources & Materials

Resources are available for download to personal devices prior to arrival at NM Youth Ranch Management Camp. Because of limited network availability, download of materials is encouraged before arrival. All materials will be available on team issued iPads.


Supplemental Resources


Participants fabricating beef
Participants will start off by breaking down a complete beef carcass into industry standard cuts. This meat will be used on the menu for the duration of the camp.

iOS Apps

  • AI Cowculator (Free)
    The AI Cowculator is a decision aid application to assist beef industry personnel and beef cattle producers the opportunity to determine whether it would be worthwhile to utilize artificial insemination or purchase and utilize a natural service sire to manage reproduction in their operations. The AI Cowculator uses actual producer inputs and predicted cattle values to generate a partial budget to determine the gain or loss per cow if artificial insemination were to replace natural service.
  • Bovine Estrus Synchronization ($14.99)
    Bovine Estrus Synchronization was designed to help progressive cattle producers select and implement an effective and efficient estrus synchronization method as part of your AI Program. Save time and money by not wasting your drugs and effort. Get your cattle bred on schedule!